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While it seems like another common problem that every corner of public administration has to deal with, under-staffing in the GDOC kills. As an intentional and routine administrative decision the GDOC knowingly leaves inmates under the control of the most violent and allows intimidation, extortion, assaults, and murder to go unchecked. This way, one can assume violent inmates are at fault while failing to recognize that the lack of officer presence gives birth to these atrocities. Under-staffing is at the root of inhumane conditions of confinement and suffering. To understand how under-staffing kills click the button below. 


The photo above is not overflow housing for inmates who do not have a cell. The inmates here all have cells and bunks. The problem? Their housing is controlled by violent and aggressive inmates who render their living conditions unsafe. Those areas are abandoned by GDOC officers and are left under the administration of gangs. Older and non-gang affiliated inmates would rather place their mattresses on the floor in an attempt to live near guard windows in a desperate attempt to be safe. 

Under-staffing creates unbearable living conditions where an indoor skid-row is preferable to assigned housing. 

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