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We are the voices behind the walls of the Georgia Department of Corrections demanding humane treatment, protection, and conditions. We are fighting to stop endless deaths and suffering caused by indifference to our humanity. Our lives matter. The Constitution matters. 

Engagement with the GDOC administration, the courts, and the public to create a productive criminal justice system. Public awareness of the abuses born by indifference to prison conditions. Accountability     from the state for overcrowding, understaffing, aging facilities, and cruel treatment. Acceptance of our humanity and our worth as redeemable reflections of  society in need of reform. 

This website is part of a plan to educate the public, media, and government stakeholders of what real human suffering looks like behind bars and to make the case that at the root of the problems are blatant violations of constitutional protections by correction officers and prison administrators throughout the state. This site is an argument. This site is a plea. This site is an assertion of constitutional rights. 

1. Classification - How do you kill an inmate? Simply put him where you know he shouldn't be. Then act surprised when it kills him.

2. Food - Meager portions that do not sustain often are fought for and controlled by the strongest to the detriment of the weaker and outnumbered. 

3. Staffing - Understaffing puts the weak and outnumbered under the control of the most aggressive. Indifference is cruel because it means capital punishment by proxy. 

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