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Image by Hennie Stander
File 13

Picture yourself trapped in an abusive situation where the power imbalance between you and your abuser is so extreme, it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Inmates suffering from mistreatment have an insurmountable obstacle before them, especially when the Firewall protects the state rather than its charges. File 13 refers to the endless games and excuses utilized by the Department of Corrections to suppress, ignore, or extinguish the grievances filed against them. 

We have all experienced the runaround.


It's getting transferred from one customer service representative to another to another to another, only to have your phone call dropped. It's paying for your order with one service to find out the payment didn't arrive or "got lost" in the process. It's sharing your experience with one person who claims to understand, only to completely deny ever being on your side when asked to show their support. File 13 is where inmate grievances go to die. It's intended to appear as if the issue is being addressed, but in reality, the cries for help are falling on deaf ears.


This is why we demand TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILTY from the state. 

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