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The Civil Rights Solution

As established throughout this site, we have shown how the Georgia Department of Corrections is perpetuating a cycle of abuse and misconduct towards the inmates of the state's correctional facilities. Beyond turning a blind eye to the acts of violence amongst inmates, the department has a built-in systematic defense against any filed grievances.  While this may act as a deterrent against additional grievances, this does not excuse the behavior and continued acts of misconduct towards the inmates. 


This behavior cannot be condoned and must not be ignored. Human rights violations are human rights violations, regardless of where they occur. This is why the issue must be raised in the court of law and awareness must be brought to the court of public opinion. This problem is not just a problem in the individual correctional facilities. This problem is not just a problem in the Department of Corrections. This problem is not just a problem in the state of Georgia. This problem is a national problem that needs to be addressed in order to change to be made. 


We need a civil rights solution for these civil rights violations.    

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