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 The misclassification of inmates is how capital  punishment, corporal punishment, torture, rape,

abuse etc. become the actual sentences of inmates extrajudicially.

Corrections officers and the DOC administration are responsible for classifying and assigning inmates to cell blocks and specific cells. However, this is not a simple task like making the seating arrangement at one's wedding reception. Staff are responsible for being aware of potential gang affiliations, rivalries, dangerous connections, and any other situations where violence could arise. 

To "accidentally" or "innocently" mis-classify an inmate actually constitutes an act of torture and state-directed execution. To knowingly place an inmate into a cell or ward with other inmates who openly admit to wanting to do harm to others is an irresponsible act that is framed as classification. 

The most passive aggressive way to inflict the most heinous punishment on an inmate is to simply move his housing- an administrative action no court or civilian would think to second-guess. Only those inside know its a death sentence. See for yourself. 

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